The Dream Keeper. What it means to me.

The Dream Keeper

Bring me all of your dreams,
you dreamers,
Bring me all your heart melodies,
that I may wrap them in a blue cloud cloth,
Away from the too rough fingers of the world

Langston Hughes

Short and sweet, sometimes this is what I like in a poem. I have five short lines to understand instead of twenty. The message to me is clear, the world is a tough place. All humans have something built into their minds that causes us to dream, want, desire, and covet.  What Hughes is trying to say in his poem is that it is alright to dream, but remember that we are at the will of the world and the world is tough. That is why Hughes wants to be the dream keeper, to protect and guide us. To remind us that sometimes failure is inevitable and we must persevere.

This poem has meaning for me because I am a goal oriented person. Every day I look to fulfill goals that I set for myslef. After having 16 years of martial arts training, which is primarily goal oriented, I find myself setting goals dayly because that is a good way to keep the life of a college student in line. There are different kinds of goals, longterm and short term. For me, I make it a point to fulfill goals dayly because it helps both the ego and the direction of myself. What this poem reminds me of is that it is ok to fail at a goal because the world is tough and even though the world is tough I should continue to strive higher and keep fighting.


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2 Responses to “The Dream Keeper. What it means to me.”

  1. mastersloth Says:

    As a person who likes to dream, I agree with what Hughes is saying in this poem. Hughes knows that the world can twist and distort our dreams because our dreams are partly based on events that we experience (not all of them will be good experiences). The narrator of this poem wants to keep dreams because he believes that he can protect our dreams from “rough” world influences. I would like to think that the dream keeper might also want our dreams because he will always see the brighter meaning of our dreams where the world might see the same dream in a very negative way. This poem can be interpreted in many ways and I think that a lot of people like this poem because of that.

  2. poetryprof Says:

    I’m not sure how you got to your interpretation…. Not that I’m saying it’s wrong, but I can’t see it and your post does not give enough information about the words in the poem and how you get from there to your post.

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